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We Abhishek Enterprises are a leading Hydraulic Gear Pump Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Pune, Maharashtra. We offer hydraulic gear pump in various features and specifications as per customer’s requirements. They are available in two types such as external gear pump and internal gear pump. With the advanced tools and techniques, these pumps are manufactured by using the highest quality raw material and components.

Abhishek Enterprises is a leading hydraulic gear pump manufacturer and supplier in Pune. It has the capability to design and manufacture hydraulic gear pump of different specifications and capacities. The company also provides after-sales service to its customers. The company started its operation with a vision to provide high-quality, high-reliability, and cost-effective products to the customers. They are professionals who have years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing gear pumps.

Technical specifications:

Input voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 HZ
Pressure 220 to 270 bar
Power Hydraulic
Material used Cast iron

What is a Hydraulic Gear Pump?

Hydraulic gear pump is a machine that converts the linear motion of a piston into rotary motion. A hydraulic gear pump consists of an external gear that meshes with an internal gear, one or more pistons, and a fluid coupling.

The external and internal gears are typically driven by the same motor. The pistons are connected to the input shaft and move in response to the rotation of the external gear. The fluid coupling transmits power from the input shaft to the output shaft.

The main advantage of this type of pump is that it can be designed to operate at different speeds and pressures. This means it can be tailored to suit different applications, such as those which require higher or lower pressures or flow rates.

Key features:

Hydraulic gear pump are a type of hydraulic machine that is used to transfer fluid from one place to another. They are powered by an external energy source and use gears to pump fluid.

A hydraulic gear pump moves fluid by using a rotating toothed rack that meshes with a rotating pinion. The teeth on the rack are shaped so that when the rack rotates, it forces fluid out of an outlet port. The teeth on the pinion force fluid into an inlet port.

Hydraulic gear pump can be used in a wide variety of industries for many different purposes. They are often used in the construction industry for lifting heavy objects, but they can also be found in the food industry as well. A hydraulic gear pump is made up of three main parts: input housing, output housing, and piston assembly.

The features of a hydraulic gear pump are:

  • high pressure capability
  • reliable and durable
  • long service life
  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Industrial usage
  • Compact design


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