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ABHISHEK ENTERPRISES is a leading Hydraulic Mobile Control Valve Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in Pune, Maharashtra. They are committed to provide best quality products to their customers at the most competitive prices.

Abhishek Enterprises are a leading Hydraulic mobile control valve manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Pune, Maharashtra. Our offered mobile control valves are highly demanded in the market due to their extraordinary quality, performance and durability. We ensure to offer these Control Valves which are available at very economical rates and also suited to the best industry.

The company offers top quality products at competitive prices. The company's product range includes various types of hydraulic mobile control valve such as single acting, double acting, triple acting and multi-stage valves which can be used in diverse industries such as oil and gas, mining, petrochemicals and so on.

Hydraulic Mobile Control Valve

Hydraulic Mobile Control Valve is a device that controls the flow of fluid in a hydraulic system. It consists of a valve body, with one or more actuators or pistons, and an actuation mechanism to control the position of Piston. The purpose of the mobile control valve is to adjust the flow of fluids in a system. The mobile control valve can be used in many different ways, such as controlling the flow of water or gas in a pipeline.

Hydraulic mobile control valve is a mechanical device used to control workflow between generator and executive mechanism. This valve is available in two types such as mono block and sectional directional control valves. They provide various operation methods which include manual, hydraulic and pneumatic control.

The HMCV consists of two major components: an actuator and a control box. The actuator must be located close to the valves it will operate, while the control box can be placed anywhere there is electricity or hydraulics. The actuator uses an electrical signal or hydraulic pressure from a pump to move a piston.

The mobile hydraulic control valve are capable of controlling fluids by using a rotating piston that moves up and down, which is connected to a rod that is attached to a valve actuator arm. This arm is connected to a yoke or other shaft so that it can move, giving it its mobility.

Features & Benefits:

The Hydraulic Mobile Control Valve (HMCV) is a valve that uses hydraulic pressure to control the flow of a fluid. It is an automated valve that operates with no external power supply.

This type of valve can be used for many different purposes, including controlling water flow in a sprinkler system or controlling the flow of gas in an industrial pipeline.

  • Less pressure drop
  • Compact design
  • Greater efficiency
  • Leakage proof
  • Requires less volume
  • High accuracy
  • Cast iron body


Heat flow generators, hydraulic cylinders/pumps, Pressure driven chambers, steams, water treatment

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