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We Abhishek Enterprises are a leading Hydraulic Variable Displacement Piston Pump Manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra India. As per industry norms and standards, we provide the superior quality of these pumps in compliance to meet international standards. All these pumps are available at affordable rate for our valued clients. They can select our pumps in different specifications as per their needs.

A variable displacement pump is a mechanical instrument used to convert mechanical energy to hydraulic (fluid) energy. Some pumps are reversible i.e. it involves conversion of fluid energy to mechanical energy. This pump is available in two types such as positive-displacement or non-positive-displacement.

The Hydraulic Variable Displacement Piston Pump is composed of a cylinder, piston, and a plunger that are used together to create pressure and flow. The piston moves up and down inside the cylinder which creates compression and suction when it moves up and down respectively. The plunger is then used to regulate the amount of liquid or gas that can pass through it by opening or closing it.

The hydraulic piston pump consists of two pistons inside the cylinder - one on top of the other with a small space in between them. The upper piston slides up and down inside the cylinder while the lower one stays stationary. The fluid enters at one end, flows past both pistons and exits at the other end after passing through an impeller

Key features:

Hydraulic Variable Displacement Piston Pump is a type of pump that has the ability to adjust the displacement of the fluid being pumped. This is done by using a variable displacement piston pump.

The Hydraulic Variable Displacement Piston Pump is often used in applications where constant pressure and flow rates are not important, but where high pressures and flows are desirable.

  • Smooth and quick performance
  • Durable
  • High strength
  • Portable
  • lower noise levels
  • less wear on the seals
  • higher efficiency


Automotive industry, vehicle technology, mechanical industry, construction, mining and heavy industry

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