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ABHISHEK ENTERPRISES are a leading Hydraulic Lift Valves Ac and Dc Manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra. With advanced technology, we design and fabricate valves for various industrial lift applications. These valves are available in different combinations as per customer’s requirements.

Abhishek Enterprises is a leading company that manufactures Hydraulic Lift Valves AC and DC with the help of latest technology and machinery. They offer the best quality products at a competitive price. All these materials are manufactured under the strict observance of highly skilled and experienced engineers to satisfy customer’s requirements and needs.

Our best quality Hydraulic Lift Valves AC and DC Valves are widely used for lifting materials, cargo, car parking ports and lifting of many other goods. They can be found in various industries like power plants, oil refineries, and manufacturing facilities.

Abhishek Enterprises is one of the best companies that manufacture these valves. It manufactures hydraulic valves that can be operated with AC or DC voltage and has a wide range of sizes to suit different applications.

What are Hydraulic Valves?

Hydraulic lift valves are a type of actuator that uses hydraulic fluid to convert electrical signals into linear movement. They use hydraulic fluid to power pistons that open or close the valve by converting an electrical signal into linear motion.

Hydraulic lift valves AC and DC are valves that allow the operator to control the height of the load. Hydraulic lift valves AC and DC are used for a variety of purposes, including in heavy industry, marine use and in many other industries. The valve is usually controlled by an electric or pneumatic actuator.

The hydraulic lift valve has two types: one for AC power and one for DC power.

Technical specifications:

  • Power source: 220V/440V for AC valve / 12, 24 V for DC valve
  • Tank capacity: 8 to 35 liters
  • Available in both vertical and horizontal

Key features:

Hydraulic Lift Valves are used to control the pressure in the hydraulic system. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as lifting and lowering heavy objects, controlling the flow of oil or other fluids, and controlling the movement of valves.

The AC hydraulic lift valve is designed for use with higher voltages and is more commonly found in the industrial sector. The DC hydraulic lift valve, on the other hand, is designed for low voltage and typically used in residential settings.

  • Highly reliable
  • Portable
  • Compact size


Elevator, table lift, industrial lifts, parking systems, construction, mining, petrochemical, chemical industry, shipbuilding

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